Monitor Google. Copy the best SEOs.
Hack the 1st place.

50,000 keywords included. All backlinks.
For the first time, For the first time, a power unmatched fire in your hands.

Discover now the methods of websites which are ranking.

Go beyond mere theoretical SEO. Now centralize all possible information and base your analysis on measurable data, quantifiable and especially ... real.

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Locate sites that dangerously mount on certain keywords. And those that disappear.

Go immediately to our proprietary database to unearth the secrets of your competitors. SEObserver examines the live ranking of the 130 best sites on more than 50,000 keywords.

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Scan the strategy using automatic filters and if necessary with our teams.

The slightest change is Tracke and analyzed for any site on all requests. A backlink appears? A title is changed? A page volume changing? You are aware of any support live.

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Loot good ideas and techniques that work. Outsmart your competitors in their own game.

Build your own lists of high-value resources. SEObserver gives you access to a gold mine ever explored before, and you can access it immediately.

Keep an eye on everything that happens in the most important SERPs

By accessing the entirety of the most important SEO data, our database gives you instant visibility map for each site and each keyword.

Access to the first control tower SEO

  • Go back in time in the SERPs
    Complete and unlimited access to the history of the first 130 positions more than 50,000 keywords. Become unbeatable even on the queries that you do not follow, back in time.
  • Add your keywords (coming soon)
    If we do not already are monitoring the important keywords for you, add them to our watch list to trigger the eve of the SERPs and the first 130 sites.
  • Target surgically
    Make your search keywords targeting by CPC, search volume and volatility, depending on your strategy.
  • Analyze really SEO competition
    Our original method of viewing SERPs (SERPmachine) shows the reality of the SEO competition in your keywords.

Follow all the changes that have an impact on rankings

Understand specifically what impact the rankings: creating backlinks, change title, change the content, number of indexed pages and many other indicators.
You progress in SEO rapid way.

Compare rankings and new backlinks created
The complete list of all the backlinks, already sorted.

Check whether the new backlinks obtained have had an impact on the rankings. And if so, which ones and after how long.

Access included all Majestic SEO data. No need to pay a subscription to an additional backlink provider. We analyze the CMS and type of backlink for you to find information when you need it.

Find out how SEObserver will radically transform your habits and save you several hours a day.

Your SEO approach will be completely changed. Welcome to the "SEObserver" dimension.

  • Before SEObserver
    You need to manually verify the positions of your website or you had to pay for a number of monitored keywords or questionable proxies pack. You had to wait 24 hours between two readings.
  • With SEObserver
    You have an overview on the evolution of SERPs through time, you and your competitors. You pay for full access to the base of 50,000 keywords. You can refresh our results if you see that the SERP has changed.
Backlink Monitoring
  • Before SEObserver
    You spot a website that happens to you and you analyze its backlinks manually every 3/4 days, using csv export and tris as complicated and boring excel.
  • With SEObserver
    The attractions are automatically identified by the software, they are automatically tracked and strategy is put forward simply. You can download an export if necessary.
Manual Review backlinks
  • Before SEObserver
    During an operation review links, you had to look visually the link by making long scrolls annoying and sometimes without achieving your goal.
  • With SEObserver
    You click on the bookmarklet "SEObserver" and your own screen scrolls up link and surrounds in red on bright yellow background. Can not miss it.
Picking Keywords
  • Before SEObserver
    You were doing your research in hand. Or you had to pay for access to different software supposed to show you the interest keywords.
  • With SEObserver
    You have an overview over all the basic Francophone keywords adwords. Our method of ranking of the most important keywords, you can have a quick view on the essential keywords in the French market.
Economies réalisées
Subscription prices
  • Before SEObserver
    You had to pay multiple subscriptions to different data providers and juggle different tools boring way.
  • With SEObserver
    You have an all-in-one tool that concentrates the best of each existing tool currently on the market.

How much is important the SEO of your website?

Whatever your budget, we necessarily have a plan that suits your needs.


$199 $99/mo

w/o commitment
  • Rankings of 50,000 keywords + archives
  • 150 custom keywords
  • Show detail of backlinks of 100 sites
  • Monitoring of 20 sites
  • 1 seul accès

$399 $199/mo

w/o commitment
  • Rankings of 50,000 keywords + archives
  • 500 custom keywords
  • Show detail of backlinks of 300 sites
  • Monitoring of 50 sites
  • 2 simultaneous access

$999 $499/mo

w/o commitment
  • Rankings of 50,000 keywords + archives
  • 2000 mots-clés
  • Show detail of backlinks of 1000 sites
  • Monitoring of 500 sites
  • 10 simultaneous access
A partir de


  • Rankings of 50,000 keywords + archives
  • Ajout de ∞ nouveaux mots-clés
  • Analyse de ∞ sites
  • Monitoring of ∞ sites
  • ∞ simultaneous access

The first plan allows you to access many features for less than $100 per month. What does this amount in our profession? If you give less than the price of a train ticket to your website, it is probably time to worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why SEObserver?

SEObserver is a unique solution on the market that allows you to centralize in one place the monitoring and consultation rankings backlinks for any site present on the 50 000 most interesting keywords on the web. No other tool provides this.

Can I monitor the websites for my customers?

Yes, you can monitor the strategy of certain websites from SERPs or add them manually.

What configuration is necessary?

SEObserver is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even Gameboy. Everything is hosted online, so you do not need to install, you simply need an internet connection and a modern browser. But SEObserver is not compatible with IE6.

What if the keywords that I want to follow are not present in the database?

You can add keywords of your choice, within the limits provided in your plan. For this, a simple email to the support sufficient.

A tool done by SEOs for SEOs

roy tolfts at SEObserver was conceived, designed and co-developed by Roy Tolfts, a Mauritian SEO consultant since 2007, based on customer requests and the people he trained.

Who but a SEO consultant can know the needs of SEO?

This tool is not a theoretical tool, cut off from reality. Rather, it was designed to meet real, immediate and palpable real human beings needs working in the world of SEO.